Could it have just been the battery?

I’ve been using eBay Poverty Wizards from Gadget Infinity (GI)  to remotely fire my flashes until I can get my hands on the Radio Poppers or the new Pocket Wizard TTL radio triggers.

Gadget Infinity Poverty WizardI can’t say I’ve been crazy in love with my GI Poverty Wizards.  Sure, they’re better than running sync cables all over the floor to get caught in but it seemed that everything I’d heard had come true regarding the GI Poverty Wizards.  They were unreliable and didn’t fire the flashes more often than not.  They didn’t work when the transmitter and receiver were too close together and the list goes on and on.

Then by chance, it happened.  I stopped to pick up a battery at the local BatteriesPlus store and saw a Duracell brand 23A 12V battery this is the battery in the Poverty Wizard transmitter.  I’d always kept my eyes open as I’d go past batteries at WalMart and every other store I go to but I hadn’t seen them – until now. The battery I’d been using in Poverty Wizards was either the “test” battery the GI Poverty Wizard came with or a “Sanyo Ultra” I’d picked up quite by accident and haven’t seen since.

I’ll tell you right up front, I’m Duracell person.  I’ve always picked Duracell over the competition when given a choice.  I’m sure it’s the old Ford vs Chevy or Nikon vs Canon kind of argument but  to me Duracell just seems to last longer.

So I picked up a two pack of the Duracell batteries and put one in the transmitter.  I’ve not had one misfire since.  Duracell A23 two packOkay – I need to say that again because it really hasn’t registered with me either.   I’ve not had one misfire since I put a Duracell battery in the GI Poverty Wizard transmitter .   Without fail they have fired my SBs, they have fired my White Lightening 10,000 studio strobes, even the Vivitar 285HV (which never fired reliably) fires, they fire close together and they fire from all the way across the room.   They absolutly work better than they ever have since the first day I got them.

I’ve thought about mod-ing my GI Poverty Wizards but never got around to it.  Now I’m thinking it may have just been the battery.

If  you use these or the Cactus V2 radio triggers try replacing the transmitter battery with a new Duracell.  I’m sure you can get them other places but BatteriesPlus worked for me.



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    It’s nice to know that someone else is appreciating the fact that an affordable item like the cactus wizard just needs a battery replacement for it to work right.
    Thanks for posting this info., I’m sure people will appreciate the cactus more once they get the new battery.

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