RadioPopper Unboxing and First Impressions Video

Today is a BIG day here at Not only did I get my brand new RadioPopper PX radio trigger system today, but I also cut my first video review!

I have been waiting to make the move into the TTL radio triggers for what seems like forever now and I finally made the move last week. You can see the details about how I made that decision in this post.

The first impression of the RadioPopper PX system is good, very good. I have no buyer’s remorse at this point.  As I said (a lot) in the video, I’m psyched!  The build of the trigger feels good and so far I’ve had incredible results at least in terms of reliability.

The video below lets you meet the RadioPopper at the same time I do. In a near future video I’ll do some testing for reliability at distance and also try to do some photography with them – that is what it’s all about after all. So, you’ll want to keep checking back and see how it’s going.

I hope you enjoy the video and can learn something new about the RadioPopper PX system.

UPDATE: I’ve posted a distance/performance test you might find interesting too.

If you were paying attention to the video, you’ll notice I said I was giving away my old 16 channel Gadget Infinity radio trigger.  I want to pay forward some of the support I’ve gotten from so many of you in the Strobist community.  Giving away my old GI trigger set is just one small way I can do that.  That’s right, you’ll get a GI poverty wizard transmitter and receiver “with a new set of batteries” and I’ll ship them to you anywhere in United States at no charge.  If you’re outside the states please understand that I don’t have a clue about shipping overseas and can’t even guess what it would take to do so.   Sorry about that, but please play along anyway I’d still like to hear from you.

So, how do you win the GI trigger set?

First I ask that you help to grow by linking from your website or blog to The link is not required but it would sure be nice.  Second, leave a comment on this post explaining why you’re a Strobist and why you would be a better photographer with a GI trigger set.

The winner will be based solely on my opinion of your comment and link.  I’ll select the winner on April 30, 2009.  Please be sure to leave a valid email in your comment so I can contact you about shipping.



  1. says

    That would be sweet and it is an awesome gester to give back. I am learning something new everyday and you know I have been in contact with you about the white seamless setups. Currently I just have a couple Nikon SB28′s but I will be getting some Alien Bee 800′s soon if I can get past the economic downturn!! In the mean time I plan on getting another Nikon flash to have a mini 3 light setup. It would make a nice addition to my setup if I was chosen.

    I have linked to your page on my page About JeezoPeezo

    Here is my email….just in case…

    Rob Jaudon

  2. Dave Macaulay says

    I really like your detailed video that shows how the P and X buttons work with the menu display. And I also liked seeing how the units mounted onto your 2 flashes. The range test was interesting but I especially liked the unboxing video.

    I have Canon 430EX and 580EXII flashes which interfere with Pocket Wizards. So I am thinking about the RadioPoppers. But I think I’ll wait a while before buying because both systems are rather expensive and very new. I look forward to reading more about your experiences with the PXs.

    Thanks for sharing!

    runningcrow (Dave Macaulay)

  3. Luke Brown says

    Hello, I’m a poor man and would love the GI trigger set. I’m so poor I don’t even have a website to link back to yours. Unfortunately I live in Japan, but I’d happily pay the shipping here. I became a strobist because I studied photography at art school but came out of it with no knowledge of lighting at all. Right now I use an unreliable optical trigger or a pc cable. Both limit my success.

    Thanks for giving back to the community.


  4. says

    I am a strobist because i love the simplicity and the inventiveness it requires. I have been a shooter since i bought my first nikon at age 13. I shot film on that camera until i was about 20. the camera broke and being a poor college student, i couldnt justify the expense of fixing it. After that, i was point and shoot for years. Finally, about two years ago, i got back into slr’s with a D80. I have been slowly gathering gear. When i was re-learning the slr, i got a hold of Scott Kelby’s and Joe McNally’s books and then found David Hobby. I was starting to search for lighting gear and was trying to decide between studio and small strobe lighting. i fell in love with the idea of strobist. i do a lot of location shooting and minimal gear is the only way to go. i am also handy, so i love the idea of making things on the fly to create the lighting i need. I have now started to get some commercial assignments. i have been using the CLS as triggers (i have an SB800 and an SB900). they are great, but the line of sight issue has crept up many times. i know i have to get some triggers, because there are just too many times when i have to put a strobe somewhere and it cant see the signal. however, with times as tight as they are, i cant afford triggers yet. i have to get some faster glass first, because i am basically working with the kit lens. it is ok, but pretty slow and limiting. I would love to get your triggers to get me thru until i can upgrade them. i promise to pay it forward, with your triggers (when i replace them) and also with my other gear, as i upgrade. i think it is a great thing you are doing and i would love to be able to turn around and give someone else a hand up. thanks.

  5. Daniel Turner says


    I’m currently a student at the University of Missouri and very much in love with photography. Mainly, I shoot a ton of sports, but just recently have become very interested in portrait work. I don’t have a lot of experience yet, other than shooting a wedding for a friend and an engagement shoot for a friend but I am hoping to get a lot more experience, and hopefully one day make a career out of it. I’m really excited to explore the options of off camera lighting as a grow as a photographer. I’ll be shooting another friend’s wedding this summer, and know that these triggers would be awesome to have to use at the wedding. I’d love to grow as a photographer, and know that these would certainly help me.

    I appreciate your willingness to give back, and hope that someday I’ll be able to give back as well. Thanks for your consideration.

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