Thank you Wizwow

It’s pretty cool when you get noticed by someone you respect.  I had the honor of such a notice yesterday when one of my images was featured on (LE).   Lighting Essentials is run by Don Giannatti, aka Wizwow.   Don is a photographer I’ve come to respect for lots of reasons maybe mostly his willingness to share his knowledge with the world.    Don is probably the most prolific writer on photograpy out there.  He is always twittering ( or adding to the Strobist group on Flickr or to the LE group on Flickr.  The guy never seems to sleep! LE is a web site that I frequent almost daily and its been on my Blog roll pretty much since I started this site a couple years ago.

LE is were I get some of the best information about how to light that I have found anywhere on the interwebs.  Don is a fantastic photographer (and I hear musician) who can make wonderful images using from everything Profoto studio strobes to speed lights and a shower curtain but in the end his images are always about the light, the emotion, and the ability to capture it in a meaningful way.    I recommend that take some time to visit LE for yourself if you don’t already know it, I’m pretty sure you’ll bookmark it too!

The article that featured my image – “Gritty Look” is “24 Examples of Emotional Lighting from the LE Flickr Pool“.  I’m please to have been selected to be included with a group of images that I really enjoy.  I had actually “favorited” several of them before the article was published.  Please take a look at the list of images – most are actually better than mine but like they say at the Oscars, “I’m honored just to be nominated”!

Don hosts a Learn to Light workshop that he takes around the country teaching lighting.  One of these days I’d like to attend.  Hopefully he’ll visit the area and I get to learn fire hose style for a couple of days.

Thanks again, Wizwow.  You made my day!


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