Fantasy Moon Pin Up

One of the goals that I had during the Pin Up shoot last weekend was to create a “Fantasy Moon Pin Up” image and I was able to complete that goal.   Below is the final result.  I’m pretty happy with the final image.

Fantasy Moon Pin Up
Click for a shadow box image on black

I experimented with the final processing in different colors and tones but this one just seemed to work for me because of her black outfit.

To make the image work, I needed the model to be in just the right position to make it look like she was actually sitting on a crescent moon hanging over the water.    I explained to Jessica what I wanted to make in the final image – I wanted her to be sitting on the moon with her legs dangling and her reaching up touching the moon with her hand sort of leaning lightly against it while she looked down at the water and toward the light.  Jessica was super easy to work with on this.  Once I explained what I was looking for in the final image she just took to it and gave me a bunch of different looks that were just fantastic.    The one in this image was my favorite but she made it hard and gave me a bunch to look at!

This is the Setup Photo for the image.  It was taken before we Jessica on the stool and actually Mandy is in the picture but the lighting didn’t change.

Fantasy Moon Setup Photo
This is the Setup Photo for the Fantasy Moon Photo above

The PhotoShop work included extracting the model from the image and then creating the background clouds, the moon, and the water reflecting below.  Finally I need to get everything aligned and working well together.  Lastly I tried the various color options but decided on this one for an almost black and white feel because it just seem to make Jessica seem to pop.

There are still some good shots from the 1940 Pin Ups photo session to come so check back for another installment…



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