Old Steam Engine Tech

This pressure gauge was found while cleaning out Mom’s garage. Her dad was a big fan of steam engines and this was likely a favorite of grandpa’s.

The set up was a SB600 with red gel pointed at a white board behind the gauge. A SB800 with yellow gel pointed at a reflector in front of the camera that the camera is shooting through. Last light is an led flashlight clamped to the boom arm holding the SB600 to add focus to the instructions.

Processed in Lightroom with a bit of clean up in PS where the glass was pitted. I added grain because it was an “old” piece.

Set-up Photo: is below




  1. says

    Haha! Oh, what I’d give for an editor!! All corrected and because you found that error, I’ve corrected my oversight of not providing a set-up shot to better explain how it was made. Thanks for the comment!

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